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Author: Troy Wolf (
Modified Date: 2005-07-14 13:30

The vCard icon above is a link to download my vCard. The vCard format is recognized by many contact management systems. For example, you can open a vCard file (.vcf) in Outlook Contacts.

How did I create the vcf file? Well, one way is to simply create your own contact record in a vCard compatible program such as Outlook and choose to export a vCard file. However, if you want to programmatically generate vCards from your own website data, you'll need a way to script the generation of vCards. This is where my vCard class comes in.

The icon above is a link to a page named vcard_example.php. The source code for this page is mostly comments--there's really not much to it! The class makes it easy.
vcard_example.php source

vcard_example.php uses the class_vcard.php class file.
class_vcard.php source

Create your own vCard

I will not save any data you enter in the form below nor will I use it for any purpose other than to programmatically generate a vCard file that will only exist in memory while the script creates your vCard--less than 1 second.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Office Phone
Mobile Phone
This form submits to a script named vcard.php.
vcard.php source

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